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“With our products we would like to remind you of a carefree childhood, because we wish this to everyone for their own home.”
My source of inspiration for nordic coast company and the collection is the charm of nordic coasts and the flair,

which can be found in the beach houses. I always try to achieve this unique attitude to life by the choice of fabrics,
to capture cuts and style and incorporate them into our products.

“We want only the best for our children, and that starts with choosing fabrics and suppliers.”

The clear structures, soft colours and well thought-out functions should give you a beautiful and at the same time relaxed
Conjure up an ambience to enjoy the wonder and happiness of having a baby to the fullest.

Trixi Oppenhäuser

CEO & Founder

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Interview with the founder and managing director:

What does nordic coast company stand for?

Trixi: I grew up in Hamburg. On weekends we often made trips to the sea. Even today I remember the feeling when we children ran to the beach on our first day of holiday for joy. The coast was always a place of relaxation and security for me. Our products remind me of my childhood and reflect exactly this relaxed and happy lifestyle.

Trixi: We use high-quality cotton from the good old days in a new look, well thought-out and durable. We haven’t only paid attention to quality in the choice of materials, but also combined beautiful, traditional design with functionality. All our products are tested by parents and make everyday life with children easier.

Even as a child, I watched my mother sew in her studio and later designed my first accessories, cushions and clothes: attention to detail and handmade are values that I want to take up in our products.

Today, all these things make me revel in pleasant memories and transport the feeling of a carefree childhood – the guiding principle of the nordic coast company.

How did you get the idea?

Trixi: When I became a mother, I looked for things that reminded me of the feeling of my childhood. I also exchanged ideas with other mothers on this topic – with the same result: There are many things that were childishly kitschy or overloaded, but no high-quality, affordable simple things that reflect the happiness of our childhood. That’s when the idea of designing something ourselves was born.

With the nordic coast company, I would like to capture a piece of this happy childhood and bring it back to our customers’ children’s rooms. For me and my team, our children are the source of our inspiration. Our own experiences and those from conversations with numerous parents flow into the look and above all the functionality of our products.

Who is your collection for?

Trixi: Our collections are for parents who want to maintain their lifestyle and furnishing style even with children; for all those who like it simple, but love small fine details and appreciate high-quality materials. At the same time the whole thing should remain affordable.

What do you like about your collection?

Trixi: I like the child-friendly and easy-care materials we use. Just put it in the washing machine, then in the dryer and without much ironing back to the children’s room. Furthermore you can combine all articles with each other.

What is special about your collection?

Trixi: We didn’t only pay attention to quality in the choice of materials, but also combined beautiful design with functionality. All our products are tested by parents and make everyday life with children easier.

Can you give an example?

Trixi: Gladly, even more than one example: Our breastfeeding pillows also serve as nests and can be tied together at the bottom. The towel on the changing mat has a waterproof coating from below, is extra large and can be changed quickly. Our Musselin blankets are both puck blankets and premium spittoon in one and our bed nests can be attached to any baby or cot at any height (even those with closed backs) without the straps becoming too short. Furthermore, it does not sag after a short time. Like the changing mat, it also has small loops for toys so that the little ones have something to look at or play with when they wake up.

Which is your personal favourite product?

Trixi: I am very enthusiastic about our sleeping bags. We invested a lot of time to achieve the right mix of material, perfect fit and price and we succeeded! Our customers have given us very positive feedback, both for the fit and the ease of care. That makes it my personal highlight.

Thanks a lot for the interview!

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