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  • Grey Baby Bed Canopy


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Baby canopy made of cotton

Our baby canopies protect your baby from external impressions and provide optimal protection while he or she sleeps. He will not be disturbed by buzzing insects or sunlight. The simple colours typical for nordic coast also create a calm atmosphere. Because of these colours the canopies fit in every baby room and our collections. With a size of 240 cm×160 cm they fit perfectly to the corresponding bed nest, as well as to our baby sleeping bags, the baby and child bedding and even to the changing mats. All materials used are Oekotex Standard 100 certified. The canopies are produced in Portugal, in a selected manufacturing plant, specially designed to meet the needs of children’s products. For example, they are certified that no needles or other dangerous things get stuck in the articles by mistake.

The simple baby bed canopies from nordic coast company are made of 100%, very light, transparent cotton. A high quality cotton, called voile. It is 100% breathable and still gives protection from wind and draught. Our baby bed canopies have a border of 5 cm wide satin cotton at the front edge. They are easy to attach to any classic canopy bar with an oval metal bow at the top and a height of 160 cm. A separate crown is attached by means of a Velcro fastener over the top end. Internally attached jersey straps are used for additional fixation to the canopy pole. In this way the canopy crown does not slip. In order to prevent it from pushing through the thin frame, our canopies are also padded with a little fleece.

Safety through baby bed canopy

What’s in heaven for a baby? Your baby’s sleeping place is a place of rest and security. A baby sleeps almost 13-16 hours a day during the first months with short waking phases. This sleep is important for growth, processing the new environment and many different impressions. Since babies usually sleep in the recommended reserve, their eyes wander in the crib and nursery. They look up to the sky, react to noises and of course to the pleasantly sounding voice of their mother. By the way, the voice is the first thing newborns recognize their mother by.

Baby bed heaven – the perfect sleeping aid

A privacy screen in the form of a baby cot canopy soothes the eye, allowing the infant to sleep better. In addition, the canopy also serves to protect against draughts, such as mosquitoes and sunlight. Fresh air and good ventilation of the sleeping area is very important for a baby. To prevent the newborn from getting a cold, a canopy should be placed above the headboard. It is important that each canopy for a baby bed is breathable and made of natural materials. Unfortunately, many canopies today are only made for decoration and are therefore sewn from the cheapest possible materials such as polyester. This is an absolute taboo for the sleeping place of an infant and not purposeful, because it serves for protection, security and calming.

By the way, mobiles can also be easily attached to the canopy pole. These are available with all kinds of motifs, as well as in soft or strong tones. If the sleeping place is kept in simple colours, the toys should be equipped all the more in strong colours with beautiful contrasts. This is because baby’s eyes do not react to soft tones, as it seems uninteresting to them. Even though we parents usually prefer simple colours, the mobile should be decorated with at least a few stripes or dots to achieve the desired effect. By the way, the same applies to any baby toy that the newborn gets knotted to the cot.

Bed canopy and nest for a safe sleep

The baby canopies are not so much for darkening, but rather to avoid annoying sunlight. A bright, friendly place to sleep is preferable, especially as this calms the baby. So he is not afraid and if he is, a cute night light can help. There are also some that change colours and thus have an extra calming effect. The small hole, which remains open at the top of the four-poster bed due to the oval bent canopy pole, lets the view reach up to the ceiling. For additional sleeping comfort, the baby nests from nordic coast company are ideal. With extra toy loops, the little one can keep itself busy after a short nap. A music box with melody can also be used as an additional sleeping ritual. Besides a comfortable sleeping place, sleep rituals are an important procedure to give the baby a feeling of security and safety. In addition, the baby learns that he or she should sleep and that this should be done regardless of the light or darkness in the room.

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