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  • Baby Bassinet Bedding


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  • Children’s down duvet 200 x 135 cm


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Baby duvets – Bedding made of fine down or feathers

Our baby duvets will wrap your darling safely and securely so that he or she can fully enjoy their sleep. For this purpose our baby blankets consist of a class 1 down filling. Matching to our children’s bedding, the baby eiderdowns ensure that our babies and children can feel comfortable all around. The blankets are suitable for people allergic to house dust and are not only made of 100% Oeko Tex certified cotton, but also Made in Germany.

Besides the high quality of nordic coast baby blankets, they can also regulate the warmth of the baby or child. Therefore the baby blanket adapts to the temperature of the user and can be used all year round. The cotton keeps your baby warm without sweating and the breathable down keeps your baby warm without freezing even in winter. The light weight puts pressure on the baby while it is optimally covered and can enjoy its sleep to the full.

The down baby blankets do not require any complicated or dry cleaning, but can be easily washed at 60 degrees and are also suitable for tumble drying. Another advantage of nordic coast baby down duvets: thanks to the cassettes the filling stays in place even after washing. And if your child is just learning to go to the potty and something goes “wrong”, this is no problem after washing.

Cuddly Baby eiderdowns

Soft and cuddly baby eiderdowns from nordic coast send our loved ones into a world of restful dreams. Properly tucked in, your baby will recover better and will be well protected even outside the mother’s arms. This sleep is important for the growth of our little ones and when fully rested they are much more happy, which of course makes us parents happy too. The especially soft blankets for babies support the sleep and create a warm and secure feeling. As our baby bed linen is available in the nordic simple colours, such as mint, beige, pink or light blue, they fit in any of our baby rooms.

From when a Baby duvet?

When to buy a baby blanket depends on your child’s sleeping habits and size. Babies and toddlers can often sleep restlessly. They kick, kick or move from one corner of the cot to another. Here a baby sleeping bag from nordic coast is more suitable. This keeps your baby warm at night and during the day while sleeping despite the many movements. It is advisable to wait until your baby has a good night’s sleep and to make sure that the blanket does not slip away. You should also make sure that the blanket is not too big for your baby.

Even if babies have a peaceful sleep, it is always possible that they move more or less. It takes different lengths of time until babies develop a day-night rhythm or change their movement pattern. Therefore babies have to be observed individually. There is no exact age for changing to baby duvets, but it can be said that most babies become calmer in their sleep when they are small. To make it even easier to fall asleep and make sleep all the more restful, music boxes with gentle melodies or matching blankets are a good idea. The baby cotton blankets from nordic coast are soft and cuddly and are the perfect complement to the down duvets, so that the child feels even more comfortable.

In order not to restrict the oxygen supply, the baby blanket should be chosen according to the size. If your baby or toddler suffers from allergies or is prone to illness, you should wash the baby duvets regularly to remove unwanted bacteria and mites.

The right sleeping environment

We can help our little ones sleep by providing the right sleeping environment. In the first year of your baby’s life, your baby should only sleep on its back. This position allows your baby to breathe best and prevents restricted oxygen supply. A newborn baby is also in good hands in a cradle or bassinet at the beginning. The sleeping area is not too large, so your baby can feel safe and secure. If you want to use a cot right away, you can limit the baby’s sleeping space with bed nests or bed snakes.

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