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Voile-Blau V1_en Kopie
  • 4 in 1 Blue Muslin Baby Blanket

  • 4 in 1 Large, Light Blue Muslin Baby Blanket

  • Baby Bed Linen Blue Grey

  • Baby Cot Bumper Blue Grey

  • Blue bed bumper

  • Blue Braided Bed Bumper

  • Blue Grey Baby Sleeping Bag

  • Changing mat Blue Grey

  • Changing mat Blue Grey narrow

  • Musical toy blue

Baby equipment Blue Grey

Your baby equipment blue-grey for a dreamy baby place. For our little boys and girls, this blue grey provides a cosy feeling of space. Dark blue in your baby room reminds of cool and deep oceans.

Blue and grey are already a perfect combination. As blue-grey this colour makes every room classic and elegant. The toys are very colourful anyway, simple colours are soothing to the eye and make even a play paradise look stylish. So your baby can enter a land of dreams relaxed and with soothing sleeping textiles.

The right sleeping environment supports baby’s sleep. In their first year of life, babies not only spend a lot of time in bed and therefore in the baby bedroom. Therefore, simple and neutral colours should be used when furnishing the room so that your baby is not distracted. Neutral colours tend to look uninteresting to babies. Thanks to nordic coast’s baby equipment, you have not only a simple blue-grey but also a fashionable choice of colours. The cool colour. fits in every baby room, is easy to clean and sporty at the same time. If you are looking for high-quality and stylish furnishing textiles in grey-blue, you will find exactly the right one for your baby equipment dark blue at nordic coast company. All our products are made of 100% Oeko Tex Standard certified cotton and tested for harmful substances.

Baby room blue-grey – inspirations

The baby equipment Blue & Grey consists of a changing mat with removable terry towel, a multifunctional bed nest, which adapts to all steps of the cot, a premium baby sleeping bag made of cute baby bedding, a cuddly muslin blanket, the baby bedding, the bed nest and the changing mat can be embroidered with the desired name. The personalization makes the products an ideal gift for baptism, birth, Christmas or birthday. The blue grey collection looks particularly high-quality in combination with white, but also rustic children’s bedroom furniture. The combination with white furniture creates a fresh coastal flair on the pier, while an interior with rustic furniture reflects a relaxed day at the beach.

The bed is your baby’s bed becomes a place of security and comfort. The matching textiles of the blue-grey collection make the sleeping place for your darling, be it a cradle, cot or bassinet an eye-catcher. Matching bed surrounds, such as bed snakes in a classic shape or woven, look particularly elegant and turn the baby cot into a feel-good oasis. In addition to their function as bed borders, they promote baby’s motor skills and optimally protect it from bumping against the bed corners.

The dark blue textiles in the collection can also be combined with those from the Baby Room Grey collection. So you can arrange your baby’s room to your heart’s content and be sure that you have the right furnishing items for baby’s security.

You can be inspired on our nordic coast company Instagram account.

Baby equipment – Decorations in blue grey

A fluffy floor covering can create an even more cosy atmosphere in the baby’s room. As soon as your baby is able to crawl, it will stay on the floor for a long time. A soft carpet in blue, grey or even white creates a place to feel good and invites you to play or cuddle. By picking up the colour of individual design elements again, the carpet creates a harmonious overall picture of the room.

The wall colour can also influence the atmosphere. A white wall appears brighter and leaves room for more creativity, a light grey wall looks cosy but not too gloomy and a blue wall completes the Nordic coastal flair. Everyone can decide which wall colour is the right one for them, but when it comes to a baby outfit in blue and grey, these three colours are the best choice. If you like, you can also upgrade the baby room with decorative cushions or storage boxes. But be careful with decorative cushions, they should not be in the baby bed when your baby is sleeping.

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