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  • Baby Turban Copper


    Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 business days
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  • Braided bed bumper trio curry beige ivory


    Delivery Time: approx. 8 weeks
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  • Muslin Baby Blanket Copper


    Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 business days
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  • Muslin Baby Blanket Curry


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Let us inspire you with our baby equipment curry and copper

Beautiful design ideas for your nursery


Are you looking for inspiration for your nursery or childrens room ? This is where you will find high-quality baby equipment in trendy colors. Curry and Copper are very popular, and for good reason. They look perfect alone and together, and thanks to their pleasantly warm shade they can be paired with many other colors aswell.

Of course, they are a special eye-catcher during fall. But even during the rest of the year the trending colors curry and copper are sure to turn heads.

One of our bestsellers are the 100% cotton muslin blankets, available in both our featured colors. No matter if alone or together, these two create a comfortable atmosphere everywhere you bring them.

Whether you are either looking for something special, or just trying to get inspiration for your nursery, this is the right place to be. Our baby equipment curry and copper collections are beautiful by themselves, but also make for great combinations. This way, you can design your nursery, childrens room or whatever you need exactly the way YOU want it to look.

Of coruse, the items in the copper and curry collection also make for great baby gifts. Whether it is for a birth, baby shower, birthday or anything else, you can not go wrong with these items, since they go together with almost any already existing baby equipment. Both parents and babies are sure to enjoy these gifts for a long time to come.

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