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Entspanntes-Natur-weiss-ENEntspanntes-Natur-mobil EN
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Let us inspire you


Beautiful interior design ideas for your nursery, colorful trends and inspiration:


Are you looking for inspiration for your nursery ? Here, you will find high quality baby equipment in grey, ivory, mint and many more. Everything you need for your baby equipment, centered around sleeping, changing and cuddling. Our collections are designed in a simple nordic style. This makes it very easy for you to choose your favorite colors. Combine them to create your indivudally perfect nursery and baby collection. One of our own favorite combinations is the muslin blanket in ivory together with a popular grey 3 in 1 braided baby nests. Choose deisgns that fit your already exising equipment.Alternatively, base your new nursery around one of our colors. Thanks to their simple style, there are many possibilities with our collections.

Let our collections inspire you :

Discover the current trend colors curry + copper, our relaxing ivory, cool mint, princess pink, hipster old rose, nordic blue, stylish grey

or create your own unique combinations !

Whether you are looking for something special in your favorite color, or are just looking for inspiration, this is the right place to be. These collections are not only beautiful individually, but can also complement your existing or planned interior designs, thanks to our soft color scheme.

These products also perfectly encapture current design trends. Especially the warm curry and copper shades are very in style. You cannot go wrong with choosing either one them e.g. with one of our popular muslin blankets. Of course all of our products are specially designed to be as safe and comforting for babies as possible. This means parents can freely pick their favorite designs without having to worry.

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