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Baby Musical Toy for boys & girls

Our baby musical toy for boys and girls is made of 100% cuddly, Oeko Tex Standard certified cotton. Optically the music boxes in trendy knitted design are a real eye-catcher. The music boxes for boys and girls fit perfectly to our nordic coast collections, like the cool baby room blue or the hipster baby room pink. Thanks to the calming melody, our music box accompanies your baby gently while falling sleep and can also be ideal as a gift for birth, baby shower or baptism.

Baby music box melody – Good evening Good night

The cute baby music box melody sounds as the beautiful lullaby “Good evening Good night”. This soothing lullaby by Johannes Brahms is a classic and is especially popular with babies. The Baby Music Box is functionally well thought-out. By pulling the ring, the enchanting melody “Guten Abend Gute Nacht” can be heard. This teething ring makes for a change and even has another positive feature. It’s known that teething rings help to relieve the pain of your baby’s teething.

A baby music box not only has a sleep-inducing effect, but can also be used for cuddling and playing. By grasping and touching it, your baby trains his motor skills and has a lot of fun doing so. The baby music box from nordic coast also has back straps. With these the music box can be attached quickly and easily to the cot or pram or wherever you want it to be, and thus functions as a mobile music box.

Baby music boxes – Care

Even baby music boxes can get dirty and since our loved ones like to put everything in their mouths, we naturally want to protect them. A damp cloth can be used for this. The music boxes from nordic coast are sewed in to protect the music boxes from external factors, so it is recommended to clean them regularly with a damp cloth. This way your baby’s music box is cleaned easily and gently.

Baby musical toy for better sleep

Your baby is tired all the time, but can’t fall asleep? A healthy sleep is an important requirement for the development of your baby. A baby musical toy not only provides the perfect aid to falling asleep, but also a restful sleep full of sweet dreams. Babies and toddlers love gentle melodies and can be wonderfully brought to rest. From the 28th week of pregnancy onwards, babies in the womb begin to perceive sounds. For this reason, it can actually be useful to buy a baby music box during pregnancy and get your baby used to a familiar melody. New mothers can benefit from this later, because babies recognize the melody and feel safe immediately.

With the music box from nordic coast company your baby will certainly fall asleep more easily, because the gentle melody supports your baby’s falling asleep phase. How is the nordic coast baby music box different? A good baby music box is characterized by its volume. The special thing about the nordic coast company’s baby music boxes is that the melody sounds soft and quiet. Other music boxes often have a very loud sound, which prevents the baby from sleeping rather than supporting it effectively. A baby music box that sounds too loud can also cause headaches and sleep disorders.

What should you pay attention to with a music box?

With a baby music box, there are a few things to consider before buying. With regard to safety, care should be taken to ensure that the string isn’t too long to avoid strangulation. You should also make sure that the music box is in a closed case. This prevents your baby from accidentally choking on small parts. As already mentioned, the volume of a baby musical toy is crucial. The volume must be pleasant so that your baby does not feel disturbed. If the music boxes are too loud, it is also recommended not to place them directly next to the baby, but to place them close to him. It is best to place it close enough so that the music box melody can be heard softly and clearly.

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