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Baby sleeping bag nordic coast company: 100% cotton – safe and functional

If you love the Nordic simple style, you have come to the right place. We have the right colour and material for every style. Fresh white in elegant waffle piqué, soft jersey in natural and pastel shades such as beige, grey or mint, classic pink or light blue in fine stripes of oxford fabric or trendy old rose and grey-blue in linen look. All baby sleeping bag models are edged with a fine satin piping or with white cotton lace. They are also ideal as twin sleeping bags. If the twins are boys and girls, one model can be chosen with lace and one without. If there are two girls or two boys, you can choose between grey and sand, white plain or white with dark blue and many other combinations.

A little bit cute for the girls and a little bit cool for the boys – that’s the motto. With us you will surely find the right model to your taste. Changing mat and bed nest are also available in the same collection and will complete your children’s room and baby bed in no time. The production takes place exclusively in Portugal. Here, in selected, large family businesses, with which we maintain good, personal contact, the materials are not only sewn sustainably, but also the fabrics are knitted or woven. The Oekotex Standard 100 for all materials is an absolute must for us. This means that we can tell with a clear conscience where our articles are made and by whom.

A zipper all around the sleeping bag, through which the sleeping bag can be opened completely, makes nightly changing easier. For toddlers, the zipper can be left open at the bottom for ventilation and is practical when the children start to walk.

To prevent injuries, the zipper is inserted upside down and ends under the armhole.


From the inside the baby sleeping bag is lined with soft jersey and thanks to the padding made of breathable fleece it is suitable for the whole year. The fleece – unlike cotton lining (and we love cotton) – does not slip or clump when washed. It also does not retain odours and is antibacterial. The smooth finish from the inside without seams is ideal for sensitive baby and children’s skin.

Baby sleeping bag size – Which is the right one?

The design of nordic coast company is simple, high-quality and stylish. The quality of the materials is very good, which is especially noticeable after long use. Often one material looks like another at first, fresh from production. Only the really good sleeping bags become softer after the first wash, as with nordic coast company, they do not piddle, keep their shape and can be used with pleasure even by child number two and three.

nordic coast company’s sleeping bags are available in four sizes: 60 cm for newborns from 0-3 months or between 56-62 cm, 70 cm for 3-6 months old babies, 90 cm for 6-18 months old babies and 110 cm for toddlers from 18 months to 36 months. The following size index serves as an illustration:

60 cm (size 56/62 cm) = 0 – 3 months
70 cm (size 68/74 cm) = 3 – 6 months
90 cm (size 80-92 cm) = 6 – 18 months
110 cm (size 92-106 cm) = 18 – 36 months

To determine the right baby sleeping bag size, calculate your child’s height minus head 15 cm + 10 cm for romping. Important for sleeping bags: The child should grow out of the sleeping bag, not into it!

Example: Your baby is 56 cm tall. 56 cm – 15 cm + 10 cm = 51 cm. The correct size is then size 60 cm (56/62 cm)

Baby sleeping bag TOG – What is the TOG value for a sleeping bag?

Today midwives recommend that the newborn baby should sleep in a sleeping bag. On the one hand to ensure the optimal sleeping temperature and on the other hand to avoid the danger of suffocation. The ideal sleeping temperature for an infant is around 18 degrees. To prevent the baby from cooling down, the use of a baby sleeping bag with a TOG value of 2.5 is recommended. The TOG value is a measure of the heat resistance of a unit area, which indicates how warm or cold a padding, for example, keeps.

The higher the value, the warmer the baby sleeping bag keeps. With a value of 2.5, sleeping bags are excellently suited for a room temperature of 15-21 degrees and can be used as all-year-round sleeping bags. Besides cooling down, the baby should also not overheat. If it should have more than 24 degrees in the room at night in summer, a lower TOG value should be chosen or, in tropical temperatures of up to 30 degrees in the room, even do without a sleeping bag altogether. Which baby sleeping bag is the right one depends not only on the TOG value.

What do I have to look out for in a baby sleeping bag?

Many other characteristics speak for or against a good model. Apart from the thermal insulation, it is the cut and the material, as well as the workmanship, which should be considered when choosing a sleeping bag. The neckline should give 2 fingers space up to the neck. If it is smaller, the baby is constricted, if it is larger, there is a risk that the baby slips into the sleeping bag. This is especially to be feared in combination with too large armholes and a too large width in the chest. A good sleeping bag has a perfect fit, leaves some air but sits tight in the chest.

Schlafsack Baby grau

This keeps him warm and sits securely. Furthermore, the sleeping bag must not have any seams on the lying surface or loops in the sleeve cut-out. Nordic coast company pays close attention to these requirements during production and has developed a sleeping bag with a perfect fit, which not only fits very well but is also easy to care for. As a so called all-season sleeping bag it is breathable, avoids heat accumulation, cooling down and is lined with soft jersey on the inside. Even after frequent washing and drying, it retains its original shape. The 100% cotton material does not form any nodules, the lining does not slip during washing and the YKK branded zipper holds.

Nordic coast company has of course taken shrinkage into account. The baby sleeping bag is pre-washed and will not shrink. The lining becomes even more cuddly and flexible and reaches its final volume after the third or fourth wash. Ideally the sleeping bag is not only washable at 40 degrees but also suitable for tumble drying without the lining landing at the bottom of the sleeping bag.

But the baby sleeping bag scores points not only because it is easy to care for, especially the functions are convincing. It is equipped with a zipper all around, which makes the sleeping bag completely unfoldable and enables nightly nappy changing.

It also has four snap fasteners on the shoulders, which make it easy to put on and take off without having to thread the baby’s arms into the armholes. The zipper is intentionally worked in upside down to protect the baby from injury and to avoid having to take the sleeping bag off completely when changing diapers.

The perfect baby sleeping bag for newborns & toddlers

Baby schlafsack grau














Are you looking for a baby sleeping bag that fits really well and also looks nice? Like a blue jeans there are countless baby sleeping bags. The right fit of your baby sleeping bag is especially important for the well-being and safety of your baby! Our fit fits perfectly. It is a little tighter at the chest, so that the baby is wrapped up warm and doesn’t freeze.

The neckline of the baby sleeping bag is small enough so that the baby cannot slide in but at the same time wide enough so that it is not constricted! This prevents the newborn baby from being constricted or from reflex nibbling at the edge (because it is looking for milk). Sufficient arm and leg room is also guaranteed with our model.

Important: Due to the adjustable shoulder length and the footmuff length which can be shortened in size 90 cm and 110 cm, the sleeping bag grows with your baby and toddler and fits perfectly from birth on! It’s therefore perfect as a sleeping bag for newborns. Due to the seamless workmanship, the baby sleeping bag is also very flexible for newborns!

Year-round sleeping bag – summer and winter sleeping bag for your baby

A so-called year-round sleeping bag can be used over several seasons during the year, i.e. longer than a summer or winter sleeping bag. With a padding (TOG 2.5) for temperatures of approx. 17-21 degrees in the bedroom, this four-season sleeping bag can also be used in cold and warm months, depending on the beam.

In very cold and in hot summer nights it is not ideal as it is usually too warm or too cold. Therefore, the word all-season sleeping bag is sometimes misunderstood. Logically, a sleeping bag for babies as well as a jacket for adults cannot be equally cool in summer and very warm in winter.

Depending on whether your child tends to freeze or sweats quickly, the baby sleeping bag can be combined with a short or long-sleeved body, with or without pyjamas, for the respective season. Especially in the large 90 + 110 cm sizes, the all-year sleeping bag is ideal, because it can be used cumulatively for approx. 9 out of 12 months of the year and the children do not grow out so quickly.

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