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Bed Bumper

If you are looking for a suitable and perfectly padded bed bumper, you will definitely find it here. The bed castors from nordic coast company guarantee enough freedom of movement in the pram and extra bed, as well as in the cradle in the bassinet and baby bed itself. The baby bed bumper is flexible and cuddly soft. It serves as head protection during sleep or nappy changing and gives your baby support and security.

The bed edging is made of 100% Oeko Tex certified cotton. The voile, a fabric that looks like linen, is very soft and crease-resistant. The very good fleece quality of this baby bed bumper also ensures that there are no annoying crackling noises when cuddling.

Thanks to the large selection of bumpers in different colours, there is also the right one for your baby room. Whether for girls in a delicate princess pink or for boys in a cool blue.

Uniquely the baby nesting bumper from nordic coast company can also be fixed to the baby bed. The bed roll has four straps to tie it to the cot. So the bed border for the baby cot (or additional bed) cannot slip and the baby as well as the parents can sleep in peace and safety.

This multifunctional baby bed bumper isn’t only ideal as a bed surround. It’s also ideal for the changing table or can be placed in front of the door as a draught excluder and can therefore be reused. Our bed bumper is also characterized by its ease of care. It’s completely washable and can be easily rolled up and stored in the washing machine.

What is a baby bed bumper good for?

A baby bed bumper runs around the head area and is ideally attached to the cot so that the baby cannot pull the bed roll over its face. Babies have no freedom of movement in their mother’s tummy. Even after birth, they look for this feeling of well-being and for a limit in the baby bed.

They usually don’t move visibly to the head end of the cot. Parents usually wonder how the baby can slide to the headboard, since he or she cannot seem to move alone, let alone move around. Their movement towards the headboard pushes their desire for limitation and security in the new, noisy world. The hard bars of a baby bed naturally don’t offer a cuddly feeling, but the baby bed snake does. They protect the sensitive head from bumping into and create a cosy atmosphere in the cot. Even with a bed surround, your baby still has enough room to feel comfortable all around and the head is optimally protected by the soft filling.

Bed bumper in the cot – What you should consider

A bed bumper in the crib is a good choice to confine your baby. Cuddly bed borders are very popular with children, but not every pillow or cuddly toy is immediately the right bed border. A simple pillow could restrict your baby’s oxygen supply as it could accidentally slip under the pillow. Of course you should avoid this urgently. With a stuffed bed bumper, like the one from nordic coast or a nest for the bed, which are fastened with ribbons, exactly this cannot happen.

So when buying the right bed nest, make sure that the workmanship is of high quality and fits securely around the edge of the cot. Do best to avoid too large cuddly toys, pillows, sheets and blankets. Babies usually turn a lot in their sleep and like to reach for everything around them. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the bed bumper for babies of this size only has enough girth so that the baby is not constricted. Since it is constantly around your baby, you should make sure to wash the baby bed roll regularly.

When your baby is old enough and no longer needs a bed boundary, you can safely leave the bed roll in the cot as a decorative or cuddly pillow. The bed snake is only high enough to limit your baby to the extent that it feels safe and secure. However, it does not prevent your baby from pulling itself up by the bars like a bed nest.

Alternatively, you can also find beautiful braided bed bumper or functional bed nests. The nest is especially suitable if you want a high bed border that can adapt to the baby bed.

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