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  • Blue Braided Bed Bumper

  • Grey Braided Bed Bumper

  • Mint braided bed bumper

  • Pink braided bed bumper

Braided Bed Bumper

The braided bed bumper by nordic coast are available in different colours. The braided bumpers with their unique design are a real eye-catcher in every baby and children’s room. They are available in the beautiful colours blue, pink, grey and mint.

The baby bumper guarantee enough freedom of movement in the pram and cot, as well as in the cradle in the bassinet and cot itself. The Baby Bed bumper is flexible and cuddly soft. It serves as head protection during sleep or when changing diapers and gives your baby support and security.

The braided bedroll is also very mummy-friendly in terms of hygiene. The baby bed bumper can be easily washed at 30 degrees and keeps its original shape thanks to the fleece filling. It is crease-resistant and cuddly soft, ideal for newborns. The materials are OEKO TEX Standard 100 – ideal for babies – certified and therefore guaranteed free of harmful substances.

Uniquely, the braided baby nest bumper from nordic coast company can adapt to all common baby bed sizes. In addition, the braided bed snake promotes your baby’s tactile perception and motor skills. Because the knitted surface is cuddly soft, this bed snake invites you to caress and hold it.

This multifunctional baby bumper isn’t only ideal as a bed surround. It’s also very suitable for the changing table or can be placed in front of the door as a draught protection and can therefore be reused.

What is a baby bed bumper good for?

A baby bed bumper is used as a bed surround for babies so that they don’t bump their heads in their search for boundaries. Before they were born, they not only had it cuddly and warm in the womb, but had also no freedom of movement. Babies have no freedom of movement in their mother’s womb. But even after birth they’ve the need for security.

Since babies usually move a lot while sleeping, they often move to the headboard of the bed. In order to protect them from the hard bars, a bed frame can be used. The braided bed bumper protects your baby’s sensitive head from bumping against the corners of the bed and creates a sheltered atmosphere in the baby bed. Even with this bed surround, your baby still has enough room to enjoy his or her sleep to the fullest.

Bed Bumpers in the baby bed – What you should consider

A bed bumper in a baby cot is the solution for all parents who want to give their child a cuddly sleeping experience, almost like in the womb. However, no arbitrary objects are suitable as bed borders and should not be called these. Pillows, blankets or sheets do not promote your child’s sleep, but also bring dangers with them. These objects could restrict your baby’s oxygen supply, for example, if he or she accidentally slips under the pillow or pulls a towel over his or her face. Such situations can be avoided with the right bed frame, like the nordic coast braided bed bumpers.

When buying the right bed frame you should always make sure that the workmanship is of high quality. The braided baby bumper should lie you and safely on the edge of the baby bed. Best of all, avoid using too large cuddly toys, pillows, sheets and blankets, as babies like to turn around in their sleep and reach for anything they can get their hands on. In addition, the bed snake plait for babies should only be large enough so that the baby is not constricted. Since it is constantly around your baby, you should make sure to wash it regularly.

Once your baby is old enough and no longer needs a limit, the bed bumper can still be used as a decorative or cuddly pillow. Thanks to its beautiful designs, the woven bed snake from nordic coast is also a real eye-catcher for adults.

Alternatively, you can also find beautiful bed borders as classic bed rolls or as functional bed nests. The nest is especially suitable when a high bed border is desired, which can be adapted to the baby bed.

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