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Changing mat 50×70

Our changing mat 50×70 has been developed with advantageous properties. The cover for the changing mat 50×70 is made of 100% cotton. It was deliberately made 2-3 cm larger to avoid possible shrinkage. The changing mat cover is washable at 40 degrees and can also be tumble dried.

The removable terry towel is 40×60 cm. This makes it big enough to cope with your baby’s rolling movements, because everything that lands on the towel stays there thanks to the waterproof PU coating. Of course, the coating is noiseless. With the help of the four push buttons you can change the towel for a new one in no time. By the way, more extra towels are available in our nordic coast company shop.

A highlight of the changing mat 50×70 by nordic coast are the small toy sleepers to the left and right of the towel. Your baby is always fidgety and restless during the changing process? Thanks to the loops you can attach your baby’s favourite toy there, which will distract him or her during changing and give him or her something to play with.

The nappy-changing process should also take place in a warm environment. If you want a particularly comfortable nappy-changing area, then a heat lamp or radiant heater is a good choice. However, you should make sure that the radiant heaters are set to the lowest level, as babies can be sensitive. Also, babies should never be left lying on the changing table, as they like to turn around and could suddenly fall off the changing unit.

Why a changing mat?

Even before the baby is born it is advisable to set up the changing area. This includes the changing unit with compartments for utensils such as nappies, wound cream, moisturising cream, etc. In addition to the changing unit, a changing mat with well thought-out functionalities is essential to make changing comfortable for you and the little ones. However, sometimes it is a big challenge to find the right changing mat. A changing mat should be soft and cuddly. It should be made of soft material and be suitable for sensitive baby and child skin.

Ideally you should think environmentally friendly when buying a changing mat and choose a changing mat with a removable terry towel towel. Of course the changing towel should be absorbent or ideally even waterproof. This means that after a mishap only the towel itself needs to be changed and not the entire changing mat. While the changing mat is in the wash, it would not be ready for use for a certain time.

Changing pad sizes

When purchasing a changing pad, the question often arises as to what size the changing mat should be. The changing mats are available in different and very similar sizes such as 75×75 cm, 80×75 cm or 75×80 cm and sizes such as 70×60 or 60×70 cm. Attention: The smaller size here is always the height and the larger size the width.

Please note that the size of the changing mat should be smaller than the changing mat or the space provided for it. During the production of changing mats (and also other textiles) it can always happen that the actual size differs by 1-2 cm. With bad luck the changing mat is then too large for the changing table.

If there is no room for a classic changing table in the children’s room or in the apartment, a changing mat can also be placed on the washing machine or in the bathroom on a changing mat for the bathtub. Our changing mat 50×70 narrow is particularly suitable for this.

It should be taken into account that the baby is changed for 3-4 years and that it is not possible to change for long periods of time on the smaller changing pad sizes. In this case, a second, larger changing mat must be purchased or the baby must be changed on the sofa or bed, which often causes back pain. Our 70×80 changing mat can help here.

Changing mat cloth or plastic? – Which changing mat is better?

When a baby is born, one of the main places, next to the cot (see also: Baby Cot Bumper / Child Bed Linen) is the changing mat. This isn’t only for changing nappies, but also for dressing and undressing, for baby massages, for doctors or for activities at eye level.

The baby changing mat is usually a cushion made of plastic or fabric, which is placed on the changing table or the changing unit. Not to be confused with the changing mat. The changing mat is used for changing on the go. It is comparatively thin and fits rolled up or folded into a changing bag or handbag. The changing mat can alternatively be placed on top of the washing machine or bathtub (with a special attachment).

In this case small models in 50×70 cm or similar are suitable. Which changing mat is the right one usually depends on space and budget. However, you should pay attention to the following things to be able to use the changing mat for a long time. A baby is changed on average 3-4 years. To create a comfortable changing area, the changing mat should not be made of cold plastic, but of fabric, or a changing mat with a fabric cover.

With plastic changing mats the baby cries more often because the cold plastic is uncomfortable. Of course the plastic changing mat can be wiped off, which is an advantage for babies, because especially at the beginning they often pee on the mat while changing. But it has to be considered that the pads are often not washable and repeatedly wiped off plastic changing mats can smell in the long run and are unhygienic.

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