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Changing mat 70×80

Our changing mat 70×80 for a clean baby’s bottom! Nordic coast company has developed a changing mat that meets all the needs of babies and parents and looks beautiful at the same time! The changing mat cover is made of 100% cotton. There are nine enchanting designs to choose from in a sporty, classic, nautical, cute or neutral look – depending on the style of the children’s room or furnishings. The changing mat cover is washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried. In order to prevent possible shrinkage, we have made the covers extra 2-3 cm larger so that after the first obligatory wash they have the final shape and size. The size of our changing mats is not chosen randomly. With the dimensions 70 x 80 cm we make sure that the changing mat 70×80 fits on every square changing unit.

So you do not have to worry about choosing the right size. Standard sizes for changing chests like 75×85 or 75×80 cm are always a few cm larger, i.e. 2.5 cm left and right, top and bottom. So the changing mat always fits perfectly, because 2.5 cm all around is not noticeable at all. Only if the changing mat is 70×80 larger than its base does it protrude unattractively. The filling of the changing mat 70×80 is supplied by nordic coast company. Many companies unfortunately only offer the cover and you can only buy the ugly, hard plastic fillings separately. To make it as comfortable as possible for you, we offer both in a set. The filling consists of breathable polyester fleece, is washable and approx. 4 cm high. Due to the soft fleece, injuries are counteracted by prompt “throwing backwards”.

The removable towel made of soft terry cloth measures 40 x 60 cm. With this size, you can forgive your child’s rolling movement during nappy changing without leaving a trace, because everything that lands on the towel stays there thanks to the waterproof coating from below with PU. Of course, the coating is noiseless with us. By means of four push buttons, or our clever Velcro solution (the soft and hook band is attached here in such a way that they can be closed against each other for washing), the towel can be exchanged for a new one with a few hand movements (also one-handed). An ornamentation by a serrated braid even makes the towel an eye-catcher. More extra towels are available in sets of two here in the nordic coast company shop.

The special highlight of the nordic coast company changing mat 70×80 are the small toy loops on the left and right side of the towel. They make it possible to attach baby toys, which gives the baby a great distraction while changing. Many children don’t like to be changed, dressed or undressed as they grow older. Therefore you should always have something to play with. With our toy loops, the toys cannot fall down and are always ready for spontaneous changing. In order to make the nappy-changing area particularly cosy and a place where your baby feels comfortable, you should also think about a heat lamp. This can be placed above the changing unit. Alternatively, for those who are not allowed or do not want to drill, a radiant heater or fan heater is a good solution.

Just make sure to leave the radiant heaters on the lowest level, as babies are very sensitive. You should also never leave the radiant heater on when you leave the room and under no circumstances – never leave your child alone on the changing table. Not even for a few seconds. Babies turn around unexpectedly and can suddenly fall off the changing table. To prevent this risk, you can buy a changing unit with side protection. There are also changing mats with side protection, but this is usually so small that it is not a real obstacle for a spinning child.

What should you pay attention to with a changing mat?

Newborn babies are changed up to 8-10 times a day. That’s almost 3,000 diapers per family in the first year and about 6,000 before it dries at an age of usually between two and four years. Therefore the correct equipment of the changing area is very important. Starting with the right nappy-changing unit with small compartments for all the utensils you need for nappy changing (in addition to space for nappies, especially wound cream and wet wipes), finding the right nappy-changing mat is sometimes a big challenge.

We recommend a changing mat with a removable cover that is washable at 40 degrees. To avoid frequent washing, the changing mat cover should be equipped with a waterproof, removable towel. Of course, a conventional terry towel can also be placed over it. However, when the baby pees, urine will drip onto the changing pad cover. The solution is a waterproof terry towel, which can be exchanged for a new one in a few easy steps. Since the baby is often taken in the arms after a mishap, a practical closure, e.g. with Velcro or snap fastener, is ideal, as the changing towel can be changed with one hand. It is important that the towel is wide, as the baby will roll back and forth with its bare bottom during the changing after a few weeks.

The nappy changing unit is available as a set with cover or individually. If you buy both together as a set, you can be sure that the changing mat cover fits perfectly on the changing mat. To make a plastic changing mat more comfortable, you can also buy a cover for the changing mat. Nevertheless, the plastic changing mat usually remains harder than a cloth changing mat and often they rustle unpleasantly and smell of chemicals. It is therefore important to pay attention to where the changing mat is produced and whether it is free of harmful substances. Products from Europe are subject to a strict standard and are usually Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified. Important for the changing mat is the height of the pillow (i.e. the filling). If this is too flat (approx. 1-2 cm) or too soft, the babies can injure themselves if they make sudden movements or throw themselves back. A soft but stable pillow with a height of 4-5 cm significantly reduces this risk.

In any case the cushion filling should also be washable. The most hygienic filling is a filling made of breathable polyester fleece. It does not clump when washed and does not retain odours. Finally, compared to a plastic or fabric changing mat, sustainability is also an important point. Here a cotton changing mat is the clear test winner. In combination with a waterproof terry towel, there is no need for disposable pads from the drugstore. This not only saves money, but also a lot of nappy waste over the 3-4 year average nappy changing time. A nice side effect is that the mostly white disposable pads with coloured edges do not cover the actual changing pad cover. This is an important point for parents who, in addition to functionality, also pay attention to the style in the children’s room.

What size changing mat?

When you think about buying a baby changing mat, you read about different, similar sizes: Size 75x75m, 80×75 cm or 75×80 cm, and sizes like 70×50 cm or the changing mat 50×70 cm. No matter how the measurements are written. The smaller size is usually the height and the larger size is the width. This means that the changing mat is 70 or 75 cm high, or long and 80 or 85 cm wide. Although they are very similar, one wonders: what is the difference and which size to choose? If a changing unit or changing table is already available, the size of the changing mat should be slightly smaller than the changing mat or the space provided for it.

Since in the production of changing mats (and all other textiles) there are always deviations of 1-2 cm, the changing mat with pitch can be a little too large for the changing table. If you buy the changing mat first, however, you limit yourself with the measurements for the changing table. With the 70×80 cm changing mat you make a safe choice, as it leaves a maximum of 2.5 cm air on the left and right side of the changing table. However, with a changing mat with a high cushion filling (approx. 4 cm) the cm are hardly visible at the sides.

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