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  • Grey Nursing Pillow Cover


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  • Mint Nursing Pillow Cover


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Premium nursing pillow cover

Our premium nursing pillow cover is the perfect addition to your nursing pillow. So that you have a suitable replacement at hand, something should go wrong when breastfeeding. The replacement pillowcase is made of 100% Oeko Text certified cotton and is 180 cm long and measured in a bow approx. 140-150 cm long. Thanks to its texture it is gentle on you and your baby. Even after frequent washing, this nursing pillow cover will not lose its shape or colour. The cover is easy-care and can be washed at 30 degrees and ironed at level 2. The cover is easy to remove with the concealed zip fastener.

Multifunctional nursing pillow

The cover for your nursing pillow can be used multifunctionally. The ribbons at both ends turn your nursing pillow into a bed nest. This way you can safely put your baby down without having to worry about it. Meanwhile, your baby will sleep well protected and in a comfortable position. Your baby is in a safe and correct position right from the start, and the nursing pillow cover and the nordic coast nursing pillow give him a feeling of closeness and security. The pillow from nordic coast company can, due to its length of 180 cm, be used during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and also after breastfeeding. Due to its stability it provides ideal comfort as a back or leg support for you or as a side sleeper pillow.

Thanks to the simple design of the nordic coast nursing pillow covers, your baby will find the peace and quiet he needs to fall asleep. While toys for babies and children in bright colours have a more distinct effect of arousing their interest, it is important that when they are supposed to rest, they are not disturbed by attention-grabbing colours. The cuddly breastfeeding pillow replacement cover also offers you comfort and can be used as a decorative pillow thanks to its timeless and simple design, in grey and mint colours.

Nursing pillow small or large?

Whether you prefer a large or small nursing pillow depends on what you want to use it for. Large nursing pillows can be used as a cushion, side sleeper pillow or positioning pillow. The size is particularly comfortable and suitable for mothers who want more than just a comfortable position when breastfeeding. Mini nursing pillows are easier to store. Your height is also an important factor when choosing a size, but it does not have to be the deciding factor. Normally, a nursing pillow is at least 120 cm and at most 220 cm long. In between there are for example the sizes 140 cm, 170 cm, 180 cm, 190 cm, 200 cm. The most popular sizes are the 180 cm ones, such as the nordic coast, which are multifunctional and suitable for every mother.

Use nursing pillow correctly

While a mother is breastfeeding with a style pillow, she builds up a very special bond with her baby. Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, it’s practical and does not require any preparation. In addition, the many nutrients in breast milk can protect your baby from middle ear infections or respiratory diseases. In order to give your baby the peace and quiet he needs when breastfeeding, it is important that you too are comfortable, especially as breastfeeding can take a little longer. This is exactly what nordic coast breastfeeding pillows are designed for. The moon-shaped pillows allow you to find the right position. This way you can avoid unnecessary movements, because your arm might be cramped, without disturbing your baby.

Once the baby has found its breast, it can drink as long as it likes while breastfeeding. It’s advisable to change sides and put the baby on again if you feel pain in the nipple that goes far beyond the sensitivity at the beginning. Regular changing of position, supported by the nursing pillow, helps to avoid stress on the nipples or posture. Changing the position of the pillow also helps to prevent milk congestion. It’s the best to try out several positions and then choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

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