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Nursing pillow made of 100% cotton

Our nursing pillow made of 100% cotton for pregnant women, new mothers or even side sleepers. The pillow from nordic coast offers the perfect support to breastfeed your baby in the most ideal position. Therefore your baby can be breastfed without having to complain about back problems. The pillow is made of 100% Oeko Tex Standard certified cotton. A filling of hollow polyester fibres not only makes it robust, but also ensures a pleasant night’s sleep. This is because the pillow from nordic coast company is absolutely noiseless and also provides the necessary support as a bedding pillow. As there is always the possibility of something going wrong when breastfeeding, the cover is removable and can be replaced with the matching nordic coast nursing pillow covers. Due to its very good quality, the removable cover does not lose its colour or shape when washed at 30 degrees. The pillows from nordic coast are also characterised by the fact that they are hypoallergenic and breathable.

For what a nursing pillow?

Even during pregnancy expectant mothers think about how to breastfeed their baby after birth. Especially mothers who are having their first baby find breastfeeding very difficult at first. A breastfeeding pillow can help here and is a popular and great aid for new mums.

Practical nursing pillow

Although a breastfeeding pillow aims to stabilise the body posture during breastfeeding, it can also be used multifunctionally. Nursing pillows made of 100% cotton help you to find a comfortable sleeping position. Even during pregnancy, a nursing pillow can help to avoid the pressure or feeling of tension that is often caused by the pregnancy belly. The pillow can support the belly when placed underneath it and allows the expectant mother to have a restful sleep. Whether in this function as a side sleeper pillow, as a support pillow or for example to put the legs up. The comfortable nursing moons from nordic coast support your body when it needs it, but also that of your baby. The nursing pillows can be used as a support pillow for the little ones. Babies love the closeness and close bond with their mother. That’s why there are bands on both hands of the nursing pillow cover, so that the nursing pillow can be transformed into a baby’s cot nest. In this nest your baby will get the extra warmth and closeness it needs.

Breastfeeding pillow small or large? – Which size is optimal?

The question often arises as to whether the nursing pillow should be small or large. While the larger breastfeeding pillows offer several possible uses, smaller ones, also called mini breastfeeding pillows, are easier to stow away. Basically, a nursing pillow has a length of at least 120 cm and at most 220 cm. In between there are for example the sizes 140 cm, 170 cm, 180 cm, 190 cm, 200 cm. The appropriate size of the nursing pillow also depends on the height of the woman, but breastfeeding mothers tend to prefer the slightly larger models because of the many different ways they can be used.

Nursing pillow – Which filling is best?

Nursing pillows are available in different sizes and colours – but also with different fillings. Most often, nursing pillows are filled with EPS micro-beads or polyester. The advantage of EPS micro-beads (expanded polystyrene) is that the tiny beads adapt very well to the mother’s and baby’s body and absorb body heat. Nursing pillows with a filling of EPS microbeads are very light because the material is a foam. However, the pillow is compressed during use and needs to be refilled after some time. The nursing pillow from the nordic coast company has a polyester filling and feels like a firm sofa cushion, but is still soft and keeps its shape. The synthetic fibres offer much better stability than the EPS beads and are therefore more durable. Another advantage of polyester is that the nursing cushion is washable and very hygienic. Polyester encased in pure cotton makes a pillow perfect for breastfeeding and relaxing.

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