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    Cotton Baby Blanket
    Here you can learn more about our soft cotton baby blankets. Cotton is a natural fibre that is particularly popular for baby textiles. Cotton textiles, whether for baby clothes or for bedding, score points with positive characteristics such as washability and insensitivity. Cotton can usually be washed in the washing machine without hesitation. Cotton that has not been pre-washed usually shrinks by 2 cm. However, good suppliers are aware of this and deliberately manufacture the articles with a little air or so large that they only reach their final dimensions after washing.

    Cotton Baby Blankets from Nordic Coast Company – for endless cuddling
    The cotton baby blanket from nordic coast company has all these positive features of cotton, are especially soft and are knitted in the trendy braid pattern. This look makes it a classic and a cute eye-catcher in the cot, stroller, bassinet and other places where the Baby Blankets is being used. The cotton is knitted from Oekotex 100 certified cotton yarn and is produced by a selected, well-known production company in Portugal. Except for good shoes, the Portuguese are known for their good cotton products. Besides nordic coast company, there are numerous high-quality brand manufacturers who have their cotton products exclusively produced in Portugal. nordic coast company's high quality cotton blankets also convince by their best quality, which you can feel and perceive even in continuous use.
    The embroidery blankets don't fluff, don't form nodules and even after washing, which is easily possible at 30 degrees, you can pull them briefly into shape and they will look like new. Besides being easy to clean, the blankets are especially soft and breathable. Two features that are a must for a good children's blanket. Because with a baby, heat accumulation mustn't. only be provided on a Baby sleeping bag. Baby blankets, which are used most often in everyday life, should have good air circulation. The baby blankets are cuddly soft and are also perfect for travelling, fit in a handbag or diaper bag and come out wrinkle-free.

    Cotton blankets for babies – also ideal for pucking
    In addition to its use for warming and cuddling, the blanket is also ideal for pucking. Pucking is a changing technique, especially for babies, where the baby is wrapped in a cloth or blanket which, should have an elasticity to avoid constricting the baby. When pucking, the baby's arms are wrapped around the sides of the body to consciously restrict the baby's movement. This tightness makes the baby feel reminded of its mother's tummy and therefore safe and secure. Especially newborns often cry because they make themselves nervous. Their sudden freedom of movement makes them wave their arms around in front of their eyes without realizing that they are their own little arms. By wrapping them tightly, their restlessness is also taken away and the baby can fall asleep calmly. After the first few weeks, the baby gets used to its freedom and puking is no longer necessary..

    Knitted pillows from Nordic Coast Company in a braided fabric pattern
    The baby blanket is then mainly used to cover the baby. When the child gets older and a story is read to him during the sleep ritual, he will still like to use his baby blanket for cuddling, because the blanket reminds him of the good times he had as a baby. nordic coast company also offers knitted cushions in plait design to go with the cute cotton blankets. These are 40 x 40 cm in size and decorated with pretty wooden buttons on the back. They can be put on and taken off for washing. Like the cotton blankets they are easy-care, washable, lint-free and keep their shape even after washing. They can be used to decorate the children's room, the cot (only when the child is older, at the beginning nothing but the child itself should lie in the cot!), the sofa, the armchair, playhouses and caves or the living room. The cotton baby blanket is also made of cotton, its design is classic and timeless and therefore it can also be used beyond the time of baby and toddler age..

    Baby blankets made of cotton are a perfect giveaway!
    The filling for the cushion cover can be purchased separately from nordic coast company. It consists of feathers and down – mainly from Germany – and is beautifully voluminous so that the pillow looks high-quality and full to the brim. The cotton blanket as well as the cotton pillow is a popular gift for a baby party, baptism, birth or birthday. A find a beautifulBaby gift isn't that easy as it looks. Cuddly toys and toys a new born child usually gets in great variety, so parents are especially thankful if the giver has thought of a sensible, long-lasting and easy-care gift to make everyday life easier. The cotton blankets and pillows are available in five cute colours: navy blue, light blue (baby blue), beige, grey and pink.
    By the way, the pink matches the well-known Vichy checkered pink colour perfectly. We have all our colours dyed to match our collection.Who wants to funishing their baby room withchanging mats , cot bumpeers, sleeping bags and other products from nordic coast company,can be sure that the knitted blankets and the pillows are colored-coordinated. A beautiful alternative for our high quality cotton blankets,are our Merino wool baby blankets. They are even lighter, but similar to cashmere they keep you warm, are breathable and very soft to the touch. They are offered in more muted colours and are guaranteed a good choice as our cotton blankets as a welcome present for babies.

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