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    Baby cot bumper

    Our baby cot bumper ensure a restful, peaceful sleep and give our loved ones a feeling of security. A filling of breathable polyester fleece provides stability, which has the positive effect that the baby bed nest does not collapse and your baby cannot pull it down because it doesn’t sag. Since babies spend a lot of time in the cot, toys can be tied to the nest. For this purpose nordic coast company has developed small toy loops that make it easier to attach baby toys such as the nordic coast music boxes.

    The child always has something to play with or look at without the toy being pulled into his face. The cover of the nests is made of 100% Oeko Tex certified cotton. The bed nests are manufactured in Portugal, in a sustainable family business, specialized in the production of sleeping textiles. The colours of the Baby Nestchen range from blue, white or a hip old pink, to a natural beige or cool grey. The simple design convinces with respectable colours and cute details like bows.

    The mix of materials in combination with the choice of colours creates a subtle coastal flair and is ideal for all parents who want to continue their high-quality furnishing style in the children’s room – for all those for whom less is more and who want to offer their child a peaceful sleeping atmosphere. All baby cot nests are washable at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried. Ironing is allowed at level 2. By the way, the nest can also be used as a play mat, seat cushion or as a base for a tepee tent. There are no limits to creativity.

    Baby cot nest as bed border

    When developing the bed nest from nordic coast company, great importance was attached to functionality and safety in addition to the beautiful, simple design. Thus the baby bed Nestchen is lined with breathable fleece. The innovative fastening system makes it especially safe, because unlike standard nests, the nordic coast company bed frame is also securely knotted in the lowest step or, in the case of baby cots with a closed back wall, in the case of a closed back wall. With a length of 22 cm (after washing even only 20 cm) the tapes comply with the EU directive for cords and tapes in textiles.

    A danger of strangulation is thus avoided. Many manufacturers equip their bed nests with significantly longer tapes so that they can be knotted to the bed railing. However, if the baby’s bed is set to the lowest level (it usually becomes so after 4-6 months), the 22 cm long strap can no longer reach the railing. It is also not possible to attach it to the back wall, as it has no bars. The innovative fastening system of the baby nest from nordic coast company offers the unique solution. The straps are also very strong and wide, which allows a secure knot and prevents them from tearing off when pulled.

    Let baby sleep in the nest

    A baby bed nest runs around the head area and is attached to the cot. Babies have no freedom of movement in their mother’s tummy and also look for a limitation in the cot after birth. They usually move to the head end of the cot in an invisible way. Parents usually wonder how the baby, apparently unable to move on its own, let alone move around, can slide to the headboard. Their movement towards the headboard pushes their desire for limitation and security in the new, noisy world.

    The baby’s bed nest protects the sensitive head from bumping into it and creates a cosy atmosphere in the cot. It offers optimum edge protection for the baby or cot. The side parts protect against unpleasant draughts and prevent the arms from sticking out of the bed or dummies from falling out, which babies call for at night. However, the soft edge of the bed ensures above all peace and quiet for the newly born babies. Their eyes usually wander around the bed. A privacy screen provided by a baby cot nest creates a calm atmosphere. The many new impressions of everyday life, pictures and sounds often make babies nervous. Some babies express this through loud crying, others sleep all the more. During sleep they process all these impressions and the little ghost comes to rest.

    Babies sleep up to 16 hours a day. A well-designed, safe sleeping place – first with a baby sleeping bag instead of a baby blanket – is therefore very important. The advantages of a nest for the baby bed are clear. However, choosing the right nest is often not so easy for expectant or new parents. You should take a close look when buying a baby bed surround, because not all of them fulfil their purpose and the necessary safety precautions.

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