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Simply let us choose the right gift for baptisms, births and birthdays.

Gift voucher: Giving a gift for a birth requires a certain amount of sensitivity. You don't want to give just anything, you want a gift that can be used for as long as possible, is practical and also looks pretty. You will find many such gift ideas in our shop. An absolutely safe gift is our cotton blanket made from 100% cotton. The wool is Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified and is knitted in Portugal. Our fine Merino blankets also come from Portugal and are an equally good choice for gift givers who are looking for something special.

Baby blankets made from natural materials such as cotton or Merino wool are not only suitable for covering and cuddling, but also for swaddling babies thanks to their breathability, soft and stretchy nature. Swaddling is a swaddling technique often used in the first few weeks after birth to calm the infant. A special technique is used to wrap the arms around the body so that they do not disturb the child by unconsciously waving them around and therefore do not make the child unnecessarily nervous. The tightness is reminiscent of the security in the mother's womb. So if the baby cries when falling asleep, swaddling with a baby blanket helps.

Another recommended gift is a baby sleeping bag . Nowadays, it is strongly discouraged to cover a baby with a duvet, children's bed linen , quilt or other blankets in the baby's bed in the first few months. You could unconsciously pull it over your face and no longer be able to breathe. A safe alternative are well-cut baby sleeping bags. These have air around the neck, but are so tight that the little ones can't slip in there. The armholes must also be taken into account and should not be too large. The width of the chest also plays an important role here. This should not be too wide, otherwise the baby will freeze. The baby sleeping bags from nordic coast company are securely cut, there is no slipping in and no freezing. They are also practical to open with an all-round zipper and can be opened and closed using tear-resistant snap fasteners at the neck. Changing diapers is also possible without having to wake up the baby.

In addition to cuddly blankets, bed bumpers and sleeping bags for babies, the changing mats from nordic coast company are a meaningful and special gift that can be used for over three years. Babies are not only changed on changing mats, but are usually also dressed and undressed. This means it can be used several times a day - making it all the more important to make the right choice! The nordic coast company changing mats are very high quality, made of great, easy-care material and absolutely practical for everyday use. Drugstore disposable pads - goodbye! Thanks to the removable terry towel, which has a waterproof coating on the bottom, if something goes wrong, you can quickly change it for a replacement towel using Velcro or a press stud fastener. If the changing mat itself gets damaged, the cover can also be easily washed at 40 degrees, as can the extra thick filling.

This protects the child from injuries caused by being thrown back too quickly. Toy loops on the left and right of the changing mat allow baby toys to be attached and distract the child while changing. It also reduces the risk of having to pick up dropped toys and thereby having to look away from the child while it is lying on top of the changing mat.

The three gifts mentioned are just examples. Our bibs and decorative pillows are also often given as gifts for births, baby showers, christenings or birthdays. If you can't or don't want to decide, you should simply give a gift voucher from nordic coast company. This means the recipient can choose their favorite piece themselves. We have gift vouchers worth between 25 and 150 euros to suit every budget. They are sent online, personalized and can also be used up gradually.

Enjoy browsing in our shop!