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Baby gifts

Gifts for babies - unusual baby gifts!

Looking for a sweet baby gift ? The birth of a baby is something very special, both for parents and for friends and relatives. However, finding a nice gift to welcome the new citizen is sometimes not so easy. After all, it should not only look pretty, but also be practical and ideally be used for a long time. At nordic coast company you will find great ideas for baby gifts. No matter what the occasion - whether for a baptism, birth, birthday, baby shower party or name day. A special, popular gift for parents and babies is a cozy baby blanket made of soft, breathable cotton or merino wool.

It is a daily companion for all new parents and is indispensable for everyday use. Whether for warmth, swaddling or cuddling - a cotton blanket or baby merino blanket is always the right gift! Our blankets measure 70 x 100 cm, are breathable and therefore ideal for delicate baby skin. They are also made of Oekotex certified wool, are easy to care for, do not lint and therefore offer all the comfort that a high-quality baby blanket should offer. We also offer knitted pillows to match our cute cotton blankets in a classic cable pattern design.

A great gift that you will benefit from even beyond your toddler years. They can be used for decoration, for cuddling in the children's room and later also for the living room. Their timeless look conjures up an elegant flair in any room and beautifies sofas, children's beds with baby cot bumpers , children's armchairs, cozy caves and much more in no time! Decorative wooden buttons on the back give the cushions a bit of extra charm and allow them to be put on and taken off for washing.

Then simply pull it into shape and the pillow will look like new. With this gift you are on the safe side for all ages! The cute cotton pillows, like the cotton blankets, are available in five pretty colors: beige, gray, pink, light blue and dark blue. These colors coordinate with our collection. We also offer voluminous, high-quality pillow fillings made from German down.

Baby and children's bed linen as a gift for the 1st and 2nd birthday

If you want to give a gift to a toddler, the high-quality baby bed linen from nordic coast company made from pure Oekotex Standard 100 certified cotton is the right choice. Parents, especially mothers, will love it because it is easy to care for and super soft. This is how your child becomes a late riser. The jersey bed linen in gray and beige comes out of the dryer almost wrinkle-free and the crepe-look seersucker cotton doesn't need to be ironed at all. The wrinkled look is desired! With a zipper at the foot end and an envelope closure for the pillows, the bed linen can be put on and taken off in practically no time. The material is dimensionally stable and does not form pills. This means the recipient can enjoy the beautiful, high quality for a long time.

Baby sleeping bag - a special baby gift for expectant parents

One last tip for a special baby gift that we don't want to withhold from you. We are particularly proud of our sleeping bags for babies. These can be given as gifts for infants from 60 cm (0-3 months) up to toddlers up to 110 cm (18-36 months). We put a lot of effort into developing it to make children's sleep as safe as possible. This means it has a particularly good fit. A small neckline prevents slipping in but at the same time does not restrict the baby.

The cut at the chest and the armholes are the perfect size for babies. They fit tightly so that the child cannot slip in and is kept comfortably warm. Of course, the fit still leaves enough room for the little ones and the soft materials used, made from Oekotex Standard 100 certified cotton, also contribute to comfort and freedom of movement. But it's not just the cut that is well thought out. The baby sleeping bag also scores points with other special, important features: the inside of the sleeping surface is completely seamless at the front and back and lined with soft jersey.

The lining is breathable and has a Tog value of 2.5. The TOG value is a measure of the heat resistance of a unit area, which provides information about how warm or cold, for example, a padding stays. The higher the value, the warmer the baby sleeping bag keeps. With a value of 2.5, our sleeping bags are ideal for a room temperature of 15-21 degrees and can be used as a year-round sleeping bag. The practical all-round zipper makes it possible to change diapers at night, as well as making it easy to put on and take off the baby sleeping bag. Finally, the shoulders can also be opened completely with snap fasteners, but they are held so tightly that even small children cannot accidentally open them through their natural movements while sleeping.

Practical can't be beautiful? Well then, take a closer look at our collections. Our sleeping bags are also visually eye-catching! Whether in delicate pastel shades of pink and light blue stripes, in fresh white, neutral beige or gray - our high-quality models impress not only with their features but also with their simple, sweet design for parents who like it classic, elegant, sporty or maritime! To choose the right size, measure your baby's total length minus 15 cm for the head plus 10 cm for kicking. The closest size is the correct size.

For example, if your baby is 56 cm tall, the first size 60 cm (0-3 months) is right for you. Please note that babies are meant to grow out of sleeping bags, not into them like they do with clothes. If you can't decide between all these beautiful gift ideas, then give away our gift voucher worth 25 euros, 50 euros, 75 euros or 100 euros. This means the recipient can choose their favorite item themselves and is guaranteed to make the best choice for them.

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