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Duvets and down pillows

Baby duvet and down pillows - bedding made from fine down or feathers

We now also offer pillow fillings and down duvets to match our cutebaby pillows and children's bedding . For the sofa cushions we use cushion inlets measuring 40x40 cm, filled with fine duck down.

Premium down duvets - filling

The children's down duvets, filled with fine class 1 down, are available in size 100x135 cm and the flat pillow in size 40x60 cm.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

The down filling is suitable for people with house dust allergies. The down duvet regulates the child's warmth and can be used all year round and can even be washed! Also perfect for the time when the child is learning to go to the potty and just goes a little wrong again.