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bed canopy

Baby bed canopy - protection and security for your baby!

Why do you need a baby bed canopy? What should you pay attention to when choosing a sky? Here we would like to explain to you what important functions baby bed canopies have and what properties, materials and properties you should pay attention to when choosing. Your baby's sleeping place is a place of relaxation and security. In the first few months, a baby sleeps almost 13-16 hours a day with short periods of wakefulness.

This sleep is important for growth, arriving in the new world and for processing the new environment and many impressions. Since the babies usually sleep in the recommended position, their eyes wander around the crib and children's room. They look at the sky but also from left to right, react to noises and singing and of course to their mother's pleasant-sounding voice. By the way, the voice is the first way newborns recognize their mother. Not, as some think, by the smell or the appearance.

Baby bed canopy - What functions does a canopy bar have?

A privacy screen in the form of a bed canopy soothes the eyes and allows the baby to sleep better. In addition, the bed canopy also serves to protect against drafts, and in summer also against mosquitoes and sunlight. Fresh air and good ventilation in the sleeping area is very important for a baby. To ensure that the newborn does not get a draft and therefore a cold, a baby bed canopy must be attached above the headboard. It is important for every baby bed canopy that it is breathable and made of natural materials. Unfortunately, many bed canopies today are only made for decoration and are therefore sewn from the cheapest possible materials such as polyester. An absolute taboo for an infant's sleeping place and not helpful for reaping the benefits of the bed canopy, namely protection, security and reassurance. The simple baby bed canopies from nordic coast company are made of 100%, very light, transparent cotton.

A high quality cotton called voile. Voile is even finer than the even better-known batiste cotton and is similar to a veil in terms of transparency. It is 100% breathable and still provides protection from wind and drafts. Our bed canopies have a decorative border made of 5 cm wide satin cotton on the front edge. They can be easily attached to any classic bed canopy rail with an oval metal arch at the top and a height of 160 cm using a drawstring. A separate crown is attached to the top using Velcro. Internal jersey straps are used for additional fixation on the bed canopy rod so that the bed canopy crown does not slip. Our bed canopies are padded with some fleece so that the thin frame doesn't push through.

Mobiles can also be easily attached to the bed canopy bar. These are available with all kinds of motifs in soft or strong tones. Regardless of the motif (animal, car, butterfly or similar), you should know that, in contrast to a calming color choice for the sleeping area, toys should be in strong colors with nice contrasts. Infant eyes do not react to soft colors and simply find them uninteresting. Even if we parents prefer simple colors, the mobile should at least have light and dark stripes or dots to achieve the desired effect. The same applies to any baby toys that the newborn gets tied to the baby bed.

Canopy and nest for baby bed

The Baby nest Nordic Coast Company has extra toy loops to enable baby toys to be attached safely. This means the little one can keep himself busy after a short nap and has something to look at, touch and play with. A mobile with music can also function as a sleep ritual. In addition to a comfortable place to sleep, bedtime rituals are an important process to give the baby security and safety. It also learns that it should now sleep, regardless of the brightness or darkness in the room. The bed canopies are not used to darken the room, but rather to avoid annoying sunlight. A bright, friendly place to sleep calms the infant.

This way he isn't afraid and if he is, a cute night light that projects stars onto the children's room ceiling, for example, could help. Here too, there are some that change colors and therefore have an extra calming effect. The small hole, which remains open at the top of the four-poster bed through the oval-curved canopy bar, allows the view to reach all the way to the ceiling. The cute bed canopies are available from nordic coast company in nine beautiful models and five colors: in fresh white, cute light blue-white or pink-white stripes, in gray and beige mottled (made of jersey) and in white with dark blue. The maritime star of our logos decorates the bed crown as embroidery, as does our vintage symbol (the "N" from Nordic coast company mirrored) with cute cotton lace.

Design to match the collections

All bed canopies are coordinated with our Sand, Stone, Beach, Reef, Nordic, Salt, Coast, Pink and Bluesky collections. They fit perfectly with the corresponding bed bumper, as well as ours Baby sleeping bags , baby and Children's bedding in 135x100cm and even to that Changing pads in 70x80cm. Because they are so neutral, the models can also be combined with each other. For example, the white crowns can be decorated in any other color, the gray ones can be decorated with pink, light blue and white, the beige colored skies can also be decorated with white and the light blue and pink skies can also be decorated with the white collections such as Coast, Salt or Nordic. All materials used are Oekotex Standard 100 certified. The bed canopies are produced in Portugal, in a selected manufacturing company, specifically geared to the needs of children's products. For example, they are certified that no needles or other dangerous things will accidentally get stuck in the sewn items.