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bed bumper

Baby bed nest for more security - bed border and edge protection

A baby bed bumper refers to the textile, usually padded bed border in the baby bed. It runs around the head area and attaches to the crib. Infants have no freedom of movement in their mother's womb and even after they are born, they look for boundaries in the baby bed. They are usually not visible at the head of the bed. Parents usually ask themselves how the infant can slide to the headboard when it apparently cannot move on its own, let alone get around. Her movement towards the headboard expresses her desire for boundaries and security in the new, noisy world.

The bed bumper for babies protects the sensitive head from bumping into things and ensures a cozy atmosphere in the cot. It offers optimal edge protection for the baby or children's bed. The side panels protect against unpleasant drafts and prevent the arms from sticking out of the bed or pacifiers from falling out, which is what babies cry about at night. However, the soft boundary ensures, above all, peace for the newly born baby. Her eyes usually wander around the crib. A privacy screen with a baby cot nest ensures a quiet atmosphere. The many new impressions of everyday life, sights and sounds often make babies nervous. Some babies express this by crying loudly, others sleep even more. While they sleep, they process all these impressions and their little minds find peace.

Infants sleep up to 16 hours a day. A well-designed, safe place to sleep - initially with Baby sleepingbag instead of Baby blanket - is therefore very important. The advantages of a bed bumper are clear. However, choosing the right nest is often not so easy for expectant or new parents. You should look carefully when you buy a bed frame, because not all of them fulfill their purpose and meet the necessary safety standards.

Baby cot nest from Nordic Coast Company

When developing the bed bumper from nordic coast company, great emphasis was placed on functionality and safety in addition to the beautiful, simple design. The baby bed nest consists of three parts instead of one long part. The innovative fastening system makes it particularly secure because, in contrast to standard nests, the bed frame from nordic coast company is securely knotted even on the lowest step or in baby beds with a closed back wall. With a length of 22 cm (even just 20 cm after washing), the ribbons comply with the EU directive for cords and ribbons for textiles.

This avoids the risk of strangulation. Many manufacturers equip their bed bumpers with significantly longer straps so that they can be tied to the bed railing. However, if the baby bed is placed on the lowest level (this is usually the case after 4-6 months), the 22 cm long band can no longer reach the railing. It is also not possible to attach it to the back wall as it has no rods. The innovative fastening system from nordic coast company offers the unique solution. The straps are also particularly stable and wide, which allows them to be tied securely and prevents them from breaking when pulled.

Bed bumper - easy to care for, hygienic, stylish

The nest is also well thought out when it comes to hygiene. At the bottom, the cover can be easily removed with a zipper for washing. The filling made of breathable polyester fleece is stable, which has the positive effect that the baby bed nest does not collapse and the baby cannot pull it down because it does not sag. Since babies spend a lot of time in the crib, parents often tie toys in the crib or give their children baby toys to pass the time. For this purpose, nordic coast company has developed small toy loops that allow baby toys (i.e. toys from 0 years old) to be attached.

This means that the child can always play or look at the toy safely without being able to pull the toy into their face. The cover of the nests is made from 100% Oeko Tex certified cotton. The bed bumpers are manufactured in Portugal, in a sustainably run family business that specializes in the production of sleeping textiles. The colors range from blue, white and pink and white stripes in sweet seersucker cotton, to fresh white in elegant waffle piqué, natural beige or cool gray. The simple design impresses with cute details such as rolled satin piping or lace.

The mix of materials in combination with the choice of colors creates a subtle coastal flair and is ideal for all parents who want to continue their high-quality furnishing style in the children's room - for all those for whom less is more and who want to offer their child a quiet sleeping atmosphere. The Beige and Gray collection is made from soft cotton jersey. All nests are washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried. Ironing is permitted at level 2. By the way, thanks to its three parts, the nest can continue to be used as a seat cushion even after the baby bed has been converted into a toddler bed or for children's benches.