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gifts for boys

If you are still looking for sweet baby gifts for boys for a birth, baptism, Christmas or birthday, then we have a large selection of high-quality baby items for your baby equipment. Do you like unusual baby gifts for boys? Here too we have a solution for you. We offer some of our products personalized .

Baby gifts for boys - gift voucher from nordic coast company

If you can't decide between the large selection or are unsure, you also have the option of giving away a gift voucher (25-150 euros) from the nordic coast company. The recipient can then redeem this voucher at any time. The advantage here is that the recipient can choose their favorite product themselves. The credit of the online voucher can be used up gradually or all at once. If the amount of the voucher is to be applied gradually, then it is important to keep the voucher code safe. The remaining credit can then be redeemed using the same code.

Have fun giving as gifts!