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Nursing pillow

Buy nursing pillows & nursing pillow covers from Nordic Coast Company

Even during pregnancy, expectant mothers start thinking about how they will breastfeed their baby after birth. Breastfeeding is particularly difficult at first for mothers who have their first child. A nursing pillow can help here and is a popular and great tool for new mothers. The pillow from Nordic Coast Company is made of pure cotton and offers the optimal support to breastfeed your baby in the most ideal position. This means your baby can be breastfed without you having to complain about back problems.

Nursing pillow cover removable and made from 100% OEKO TEX certified cotton

Nordic Coast Company's nursing pillow cover is removable and made of 100% certified cotton. Due to the very good quality, the removable cover neither loses its color nor its shape. The nursing pillow cover can be practically removed thanks to the hidden zipper. A filling made of polyester hollow fibers not only gives the nursing pillow robustness, but also ensures comfortable nights. This is because the Nordic Coast Company pillow is completely silent and also provides the necessary support as a positioning pillow.

Nordic Coast pillows are also characterized by the fact that they are anti-allergenic and breathable. The timeless design and the possibility of being able to wash it completely at 30 degrees are further features of the baby nursing pillow. A nursing pillow aims to stabilize posture while breastfeeding, but it can also be used multifunctionally. There are straps on both hands, which means the nursing pillow can be converted into a baby bed nest.

Nursing pillow small or large? - What size is optimal?

The question often arises as to whether the nursing pillow should be small or large. While the larger nursing pillows offer multiple uses, smaller ones, also known as mini nursing pillows, are easier to store. Basically, a nursing pillow has a length of at least 120 cm and a maximum of 220 cm. In between there are, for example, the sizes 140 cm, 170 cm, 180 cm, 190 cm, 200 cm. The right size of the pillow also depends on the woman's height, but breastfeeding mothers tend to prefer the slightly larger models due to their versatility.