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Musical toy baby pink

✓ 100% cotton
✓ Easy to fix
✓ Promotes motor skills
✓ With teething ring
✓ CE tested

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Approx. 22x22cm


100% cotton, certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


100% breathable polyester fleece, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


Hand wash (waterproof case)- do not spin - do not dry clean - do not bleach - do not tumble dry - do not iron


Handmade in India


With our pink baby music box, gentle melodies will send your baby into a world full of dreams. The beautiful lullaby "Good evening, good night" sounds when you fall asleep. Your baby can sleep more calmly and, above all, better.
Healthy sleep is an important prerequisite for the development of your baby.

That is why the sleep of our darlings is particularly important to us. For this reason, the volume of the music box is adjusted so that it does not prevent or distract your baby from falling asleep. Other music boxes often have a very loud sound, which tends to keep the baby from sleeping rather than helping it effectively. A baby music box that sounds too loud can also cause headaches and disrupt sleep.

The baby music box can be combined with other nordic coast products thanks to the beautiful design in soft pink and grey. So it can be perfectly combined with our bed snakes or baby bed bumpers.


All materials are of high quality. The baby music box is made of 100% Oeko Tex Standard certified cotton. It doesn't pill or pull strings.

Music and teething aid

The teething ring at the end of the cord provides variety and promotes your baby's motor skills. He also has another positive quality. Teethers are known to help relieve your baby's pain when teething.

The cord of the game clock should not be too long to ensure baby's safety. This avoids strangulation. In addition, the music box should be in a closed housing so that your baby cannot accidentally choke on small parts.


Thanks to the special housing, the music box can also be easily cleaned by hand at up to 30 degrees. Please ensure that the teether is not machine washed or removed for washing.

Gift for birth

The music box is a real eye-catcher through and through and therefore perfect as a baby gift - for example for a birth or baptism.