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Children's down comforter 200 x 135 cm

✓ Children's down comforter class 1
✓ Premium quality from Germany
✓ Washable and suitable for allergy sufferers
✓ 200cm x 135cm

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200x135 cm


10% fine Münsterland country down class 1, 90% fine German duck feathers


10% fine Münsterland country down class 1, 90% fine German duck feathers


Washable at 60 degrees - Do not dry clean - Do not bleach - Tumble dry (gentle cycle) - Ironing level 2 (2 point)




Our children's down comforter 200 x 135 cm is the bedtime companion for all dreamers and parents for whom restful sleep is important. With a weight of 450 grams, it can be used all year round and also regulates your child's temperature. So your child can enjoy their sleep without sweating or freezing. You have an ideal use of the down duvet at a room temperature of 17-23 degrees.


The high quality of the duvet is characterized by its filling of fine Münsterland down. In addition, it becomes even softer thanks to the 100% premium cotton used to make the children's down comforter. A quality made in Germany that you can feel and see.


The easy-care blanket can be easily washed at 60 degrees and then dried. It always stays clean and, thanks to the cassettes, always keeps its shape. The filling does not slip and everything stays where it was.
If you are still looking for the right bed linen, you will find exactly the right one here.
Don't worry about allergies - the blanket is suitable for people who are allergic to house dust!